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Women in Logic


We are experimenting with a new format for the ‘Women in Logic’ list: a spreadsheet which can be edited by anyone, so that everyone can add themselves to the list. It is now covering different areas pertaining to logic: philosophy of logic, history of logic, philosophical logic, mathematical logic, computational logic etc.. The main list is restricted to those have already obtained their PhD degrees, but now there is also a tab for female graduate students working in logic (see for the tabs in the instructions below).


How to add names: Go to the list by clicking on the link above. Then, make sure you have the sheet for the appropriate region: at the bottom of the file there are tabs listing different areas/continents. The first one you see is for Europe, so please make sure to go to the appropriate sheet. Then, add your name at the end of the list – no need to worry about alphabetical order. List your surname, name, institution etc., two areas of specialization, and up to three specifications. You can also add names besides yourself, but make sure to fill in all the relevant information, including areas of specialization.

Before adding a name, please use the search function of the browser to make sure it is not already there; ideally, we should avoid duplication. As anyone can edit the file, we ask you to do it responsibly, in particular make sure not to delete or damage the information already available.

How to consult the list: the names are filed per region, as the main rationale is to provide ideas for conference organizers, who presumably have budget constraints. The names are not in alphabetical order, but you can do a term search using the Find/Search function of your browser, for example by theme/key word. This should allow conference organizers to look specifically for women working on a given topic/area.

The old list (below) will stay online until the new list becomes long enough so as to replace it. With the invaluable help of Valeria de Paiva and Anna Crouch, we now have a list of names and corresponding websites, which should greatly facilitate the use of the list.


Women in Philosophy of Logic and Philosophical Logic

In an effort to counter the "logic is for boys" stereotype, here is a list of women working in philosophy of logic and philosophical logic in alphabetical order (only those having already obtained their PhD are listed). We hope it can, among other things, be useful as a source of inspiration for conference organizers looking for potential speakers. While it is most certainly true that women are underrepresented in the more 'logical' areas of philosophy, the list below suggests that there are quite a few of them doing interesting and important work in the area. Moreover, there is every reason to believe that countering the stereotype may have the positive effect of encouraging female students to consider taking up philosophy of logic and philosophical logic as their areas of expertise.

The list was essentially drafted on the basis of responses prompted by a query on Philos-l in 2009 (the original message can be found here), so it does not have the ambition of being complete; it may very well be that some obvious names have been left out. Please suggest further additions to the list to Catarina Dutilh Novaes  (cdutilhnovaes [youknowwhat] yahoo [dot] com)

In responses to the query posted on Philos-l, many people also suggested names of women working in related areas where the 'for boys only' stereotype is also strong. We thought it might be useful to post these too here, even though this list is certainly very incomplete. Also, it may well be that the logic vs. related areas separation is not always entirely accurate (being in fact quite fuzzy itself), so some of the names here may be mis-classified.

Related areas (Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Mathematics, Mathematics, Mathematical Logic)

  • Rachel Ankeny (Adelaide)
  • Mohua Banerjee (Kalkota)
  • Helen Beebee (Birmingham)
  • Raffaela Bernardi (Free University of Bozen-Bolzano)
  • Marta Bilkova (Prague)
  • Lenore Blum (CMU)
  • Elisabeth Bouscaren (Paris-Sud 11)
  • Ana Bove (Chalmers University of Technology)
  • Katarina Britz (Meraka Institute, South Africa)
  • Lara Buchak (Berkeley)
  • Nancy Cartwright (LSE)
  • Elena Castellani (Florence)
  • Zoe Chatzidakis (Paris 7)
  • Agata Ciabattoni (Technische Universität Wien)
  • Helen De Cruz (KULeuven)
  • Francoise Delon (Paris 7)
  • Isabelle Drouet (Louvain)
  • Mirna Dzamonja (East Anglia)
  • Claudia Faggian (Università degli Studi di Padova)
  • Janet Folina (Macalester College)
  • Doreen Frases (Waterloo)
  • Rosella Gennari (Free University of Bozen-Bolzano)
  • Victoria Gitman (New York City College of Technology)
  • Shafi Goldwasser (MIT)
  • Emily Grosholz (Penn State)
  • Marcia Groszek (Dartmouth)
  • Deirdre Haskell (McMaster)
  • Katherina Hawley (St Andrews)
  • Verena Huber-Dyson (Calgary)
  • Juliette Kennedy (Helsinki)
  • Julia Knight (Notre Dame)
  • Salma Kuhlmann (Saskatchewan)
  • Jean Larson (Florida)
  • Sabina Leonelli (Exeter)
  • Helen Longino (Stanford)
  • Milly Maietti (Padua)
  • Larisa Maksimova (Sobolev Institute of Mathematics)
  • Caterina Marchionni (Helsinki)
  • Michela Massimi (Edinburgh)
  • Deborah Mayo (Virginia)
  • Phyllis McKay (Kent)
  • Margit Messmer (Leeds)
  • Mary Morgan (LSE)
  • Margareth Morrison (Toronto)
  • Joan Rand Moschovakis
  • Elena Nogina (BMCC)
  • Flavia Padovani (CPNSS, LSE)
  • Valeria de Paiva (Rearden Commerce)
  • Alessandra Palmigiano (Amsterdam)
  • Sophie Pinchinat (Rennes)
  • Brigitte Pientka (McGill)
  • Olga Pombo (Lisbon)
  • Sherrilyn Roush (Berkeley)
  • Federica Russo (Kent)
  • Alexandra Shlapentokh (East Carolina)
  • Emma Tobin (UCL London)
  • Renata Wasserman (Sao Paulo)
  • Carol Wood (Wesleyan)
  • Anna Zamansky (Jerusalem College of Engineering)

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