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Facelift and New Features

It's been a little over four years since the first posts where made on, and we thought it high-time that we provided the site with a facelift and some added functionality.

So, over the last week, the site has seen some major changes, which you will hopefully find to be improvements. The main changes include:

  • A new theme with bright background, black text and bigger fonts for aided readability of content.
  • Links for sharing posts on social sites -- they are in the bottom of the post, try 'em out!
  • A new calendar that can do all sorts of things, with three very much worth mentioning:
    • It's big, which means it can actually provide overview of the events of a month (or other, different views are available).
    • It can be filtered, which means you can easily limit your search to, e.g., call for papers or job announcements.
    • It includes "Add to calendar"-links, which allows you to import a single event to your personal calendar. Of course, if you so wish, you can also import the full calendar.
  • A new weekly newsletter, which will hopefully be more stable than the old one. So far, the functionality is limited to a weekly newsletter for the posts from the last week, but we are working on adding a filtering option here, too.

We hope these changes will make loriweb more useful. However, we would really like to hear from you what further changes we could make or what features we should seek to implement to make the site better. We are for example working on a event submission form - - would that be interesting? Are there some social sites you would like share links for? Please comment in the comment section below.


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